About us

Welcome to GIFT FROM HERE, Will and Kevin founded this website because of back in 2008, we were working on the export business at China and USA. China is a production powerhouse, We found that China market have ton of interesting stuffs that is hard to find in anywhere else.

So, we had this lightbulb moment - why not share these unique, fun, quirky, and downright adorable little gifts with everyone? That's how our little venture began. We're all about selling creativity, fun, and cuteness. We believe life should have a dash of spice, and gifts don't need to be all fancy-schmancy or super practical. Sometimes, it's the odd, the humorous, and the cute that can light up someone's day with a hearty laugh.

Join us on this journey, where every gift is a unique story waiting to be shared. From customized wonders to gifts that are just plain funny, cute, and unique – we've got the whole package. So, come on over, explore, and let's spread the joy of gifting together!